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Honest review MMA UFC EA Sports

Really good fighting games for IOS not so much. Get at least the last obscure Mortal Kombat X, where the essence of control is to press one button (!). It is seen that any two year old child could make a bloody rubilovo parent iPhone. UFC pleasantly surprised us. There is of course again all built around monetizatsii, but in addition to the beautiful graphics, there are still normal gameplay. About it will tell.

UFC-mobile-stand-upIn the beginning of the game you are given a heavyweight fighter that you had been through 200 fights and become incredibly cool guy. Just click on a single button in this game will not work, you’ve got to Dodge the blows, showing the reaction combinations, to come up with the strategy of the fight. This will help crown blows that accumulate during combat, if you do get the enemy in a jug. Or through the body.

By tradition, EA Sports makes a fully integrated Internet product. That is, without Internet connection it is nothing special to do, the game just will not connect. This is both a huge minus and a plus, because you can get a real job for leveling.

But do not expect to beat the game without in-app purchases. Is likely to wipe his fingers in the blood, but the final fights don’t win.

You will have to buy game money or real skills for a fighter to train strokes, seizures, pain. They are sold in the form of cards of different categories: silver, purple, gold. Also, the sets come across new fighters, which is very good, because the initial piece of work is extremely slow.

Title: UFC

Manufacturer: EA

Briefly about the game: fight and push through the ranks of fighter developing his skills.

Summary: the Game leaves a good impression. Monetization not so very Intrusive. Great graphics. Addictive gameplay. Perhaps one of the best fighting games of recent times.

Is it worth buying: definitely, even if you are far from the martial arts, and from the blood you hate (her in-game, by the way). Only the UFC draws the infection, so be ready.

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