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EA Sports UFC Review

Long ago, UFC President Dana white personally offered EA a license of his Federation. However, EA then said that mixed martial arts sports not called, and license refused. Then Dana turned to THQ — and the light appeared UFC 2009 Undisputed, perfect simulator MMA, quickly earned people’s love and which brought the publisher a considerable profit.

Then EA realized that was wrong. Sensing loss of profits, publishers have begun to urgently do own simulator. The resulting EA Sports MMA quality is seriously inferior to competitors, Yes and representatives of the UFC, of course, resulted in rabies. However, in the EA for the new market decided to stay hard and stated that simulators MMA will come out on a regular basis. It is not known what eventually would lead such a competition, but the bankruptcy of THQ has put everything in its place. EA received the coveted license.

Well, we got EA Sports UFC.

UFC Undisputed 3, the last part of the now-defunct series from THQ, has established an impressive standard of quality. The game close to ideal literally in all respects, from the graphics to mechanics. The developers of Yuke”s created not only spectacular but also a realistic simulator of mixed martial arts. Well, EA Sports MMA, though not much lost in terms of entertainment, but offered much more than simple gameplay that many fans dubbed arcade. It is logical that EA Sports UFC everyone was waiting for something like this but wait, fortunately, did not materialize.

EA Sports did not hesitate to use the achievements of competitors, so all fans of the Undisputed series will instantly feel right at home. Each fighter there is a standard set of light strokes with hands and feet; if at the time of impact reject the right stick forward or back, we will get other attacks: so Jeb can turn into uppercut and logic in an impressive blow to the face turn. Shocks can be changed and pressing shift or start to attack the enemy in the body. This is important to correctly move Dodge the attacks of the enemy (and Oborotov here two), to put the blocks and to counterattack.

THIS is IMPORTANT: the health meter in the game, but strip fatigue is present, and it needs to be monitored closely. If a fighter exhausted, his attacks hardly cause noticeable damage to the enemy, but he himself will be much more sensitive to damage.

It turns out as interesting as it is difficult. And if you series from THQ are not familiar, the game is better to start with learning better yet, go through it a couple of times. But after a couple of hours even a novice can more or less tolerable to speak in the octagon. Although some simplified the control circuit of Undisputed 3 still did not prevent.

I Quit!

Not having mastered the intricacies of warfare, to win in EA Sports UFC is almost impossible. Each properly conducted impact here is worth a dozen sent “in milk”. Stepping in the ring, never feel safe, because any opponent can completely suddenly send you to a knockout one precise attack. And that if that is very good. However, if you reduce complexity, you can thrash each other legs almost without rest for at least three rounds — neither give nor take, the arcade mode.

However, like it or not, the main drama was traditionally set in the ground, that is on earth, where you find yourself after capture. If a virtual opponent, you can often cope with one contact the fight in multiplayer battles, usually tied on a timely throw and holding the pain.

To fight in the pit is traditionally difficult: you need to consider a lot factors to block blows to the body, to control the position and to resist pain — in General, all as in Undisputed 3. System very complicated and non-obvious, even the test mode will not allow you to use it in perfectly, so you have to pick up, that is, on the fly. But once you are comfortable with all the intricacies of clinch, throws and pain, the game will open a whole new tactical depth.

THIS is IMPORTANT: even having mastered the Mat wrestling, about contact the battle should not be forgotten. Each fighter is traditionally specialization on a certain style, and it needs to be realized. Playing for example, a boxer, trying to hold the pain to the wrestler — a very stupid decision.

Perfect fighter

If Forrest Griffinor Anderson Silva, and indeed one of the stars is not nice to you, welcome welcome to career mode. It will sculpt your own fighter and go through with him all the way to glory, from the qualifying trials to the show Ultimate Fighter, to significant events on pay-per-view and be fighting for the coveted belt, and there to the inclusion in the hall of fame nearby. Winning, the fighter will increase in level and earn experience points that can be spent as improved performance and acquisition of new strokes and techniques. So it is possible to create your own style and tweak it for your opponents.

The only minus is that the opponents, as a rule, frankly frail, often unable to stand and one round. And like stupidity, the AI more often not just different — trying to get away from the blows, put blocks, and getting serious damage, takes the fight to the ground. But loses somehow swiftly and suddenly. Only closer to the top, you will encounter serious opponents. But really, they are the spirit of daring beginner can knock on again, there will be seen from the audience who did not get out, and who exercise skipped!

► In single player mode some danger at first represent only the specialists at the pain. But their defeat is not too difficult, if you actively use the clinch.

THIS is INTERESTING: in the career mode you will constantly contact the stars of the UFC, to cheer and to give a couple of tips (sometimes valuable). And before the battles often show bold cuts, dedicated to the careers of eminent men or significant events.

However, single mode as usual — only training before entering the networking arena. This is where live really strong fighters we are able to arrange your fighting abilities a real test. And if the career mode can easily fill an impressive record with no losses, then here, each streak there is a Brock Lesnar.

  • complex, but very interesting mechanics;
  • close to the photorealistic picture;
  • excellent selection of fighters;
  • the women’s division.
  • weak opponents in the career mode;
  • training does not disclose all of the nuances of warfare;
  • Federation Pride after Undisputed 3 is not enough.
  • “achievements” edition

Ultimate Fighter

Becoming the champion in multiplayer, to break his ear, to look like a real fighter.

Special ratings

In the first days after the release of the physics engine entertained players and not very funny bugs: soldiers suddenly flew outside of the ring, then went out, not having to approach the enemy, firmly intertwined limbs. Although today almost all bugs have already caught, sediment, as they say, remained.

The verdict

EA Sports quite unexpectedly turned out great simulator mixed martial arts, almost no way inferior to the reference creation Yuke”s and THQ. Complex and multifaceted mechanics, great picture and an impressive selection fighters — everything from games already, it only remains to keep the brand!

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