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EA Sports UFC 3

EA Sports UFC 3 – series sports singlethrow martial arts licensed sports organization, the UFC. In the game you will be able to compete with the best athletes-Champions in UFC history and MMA. Also in the new part you expect the revolutionary technology of animation and Hyper-realism movements of the fighters. Special attention is given to the career mode, where you go from being an unknown athlete to superstar of the UFC.

UFC 3 without further ADO offers to rush into battle. Moreover, it makes no difference, the first time you run the simulator or spent a few thousand hours in the previous version. Everything you need, the game explains during the match. You play the famous Conor McGregor, who is known even by those who have not watched any MMA match. Your enemy — Tony Ferguson, the second number in the same weight category. The gameplay works a hundred percent: you expertly beat the opponent, win clinches and implement uppercuts. The enemy is defeated, you are the king of the world. And then the game begins.

It turns out that the newcomer in the world of UFC 3 to survive is very difficult. It is particularly difficult for those who used to push the opponent endless combination of punches. It is very important to follow the strip of endurance — who is more exhausted opponent, the winner. A tired fighter will inflict very weak shots that are easy to predict, and to strangle it in the capture will be easy. It’s a shame when you have a few rounds of dancing around the opponent, causing a huge amount of tychek hands and feet, and in the end he makes the capture and wins. Just because you’re too tired to properly get out of the clutches of the enemy.

This mechanic brings to the forefront not the speed of button presses, and banal tactics. The scheme is simple: you learn the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, and then just try to adapt your fighting style based on this information. If you manage to make the right counter-peak character, then you’re one step closer to success. The main thing — to learn how to feel the weight of the fighter. This is a big plus UFC 3 is that now physique athletes are well read, which with proper skill, you can literally “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. The animation is very smooth, and the transitions between them is not felt. In a particularly tense battle even begin to pull hands and feet to the beat of svatochki virtual player. The effect of immersion felt good, but only if you have already spent some amount of time in the ring.

Not to say that you had a lot of time in order to begin to feel the characters. It is unlikely that you will long remember the key strokes. But what I have trouble with is the clinch. The tutorial is great encouraging: that’s the button you press to capture, and then, depending on the situation, to put the squeeze on the enemy. In reality, it turns out that constantly push you. Moreover, in order to get out, you need to very quickly get to the QTE, that the novice is simply impossible to do. As a result, the first matches you will try to “develop” the opponent with hooks and uppercuts, he will just stifle you or hold power reception. At first, it’s very, very frustrating, but gradually you begin to guess timings and navigate the provisions of fighters. However, at the start to adapt to the frantic pace of the clinch will be difficult.

Career mode in UFC 3 is moved straight from the recent FIFA or NBA Live 18. The thorny path of a talented kid from the area from the mud of underground fights in MMA, the princes accompanied by high-profile PR campaigns and increasing followers in social networks. If you have to fight with a serious contender, you need to spin the media, making some strong statements against the enemy. The battles themselves are alternated with exercises, causing the game again, I’d like to compare with other sportsmany Electronic Arts. Except that in UFC 3 workouts are more diverse: here and sparred with all sorts of famous athletes, and occasional club sets, and learning new methods and techniques. The latter, incidentally, help to personalize a fighter — in fact, you can choose their strengths and weaknesses.

Another important mode of UFC 3 — Ultimate Team — familiar to fans of FIFA. There are many differences, but the overall concept has not changed. If in football, you have filled the card players, here you have one athlete that you want to “charge” cards with different physical characteristics. It can be new skills, perks or even the soldiers themselves. A set of competitions in standard mode: single battle and sparring online. The need Grinda here is keenly felt — sometimes the game will even give buffs to rent with an option to keep the card for a round sum. On the one hand, I want to start the blame game because she makes a lot of grandit. On the other hand, what else to do in here?

UFC 3 is a very ambiguous game. He chew every element of mechanics and explains every detail, but to get used to the timings can be very long. The game is very intimate and spectacular due to the smooth animation and physics engine, but the low temp can reset this the entertainment to a minimum. Finally, collecting cards in Ultimate Team can be very interesting, but at the same time very tiring. MMA fans will be satisfied — after all, the new part looks more advantageous the previous one, and competition in the genre there. But if you are accustomed to memorize long combos and hitting all the buttons, then it is better to download demo version. It may not be the best option for drunken parties.

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