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Broken knuckles and a black eye: review of UFC 3

The Octagon is the place where you are beaten, sometimes even feet. Often on the head. Ever since EA acquired the rights to create games about championship mixed martial arts, developers are looking for the perfect balance between authenticity and spectacle. UFC 3 was the most serious and realistic game of the genre — has grown as a simulator and better as entertainment. Big changes start as soon as the Gong sounds.

UFC 3 has changed the rules of the game. Along with improved graphics and smooth (finally) animations came a tactical element. Now every match is built around a fine calculation the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, his style, and most common mistakes. In one of the online battles, playing for Connor McGregor, I met someone who chose Nate Diaz. He occasionally threw a kick to the body, I caught it and replied with a fist to the face. Stunned, Nate fell into the ring and barely had time to rise, not to be clamped beneath me. A smoother rhythm and low-speed forces to act are more diverse. The key indicator now has become endurance: I had to attack the series, then retreat — no more non-stop waving hands, otherwise, you’re just tired.

This will have to get used to. Sometimes I still make a stupid mistake in the heat of battle, fond offensive. A powerful hook to the head received in response is sobering. The lower weight category athletes, the greater would be the need for clear planning. UFC 3 has become the game that makes a significant step forward. It is a revolution of the series, the abrupt transition from the arcade fighting game to the present confrontation between athletes, but all that is written applies only to levels of difficulty above “easy” in network games. For those who like frisky Zaruba, the developers left a loophole in the minimum of difficulty.

In addition to this increased control over the course of the match. Now it is much easier to track and attack the target — the head, body or feet. At the top of the screen displays the health bars and in tribute to the skill of the enemy can be turned into a helpless deer. Injured leg knock pace, the opponent falls. Badly damaged body — opponent loses endurance. Well, an accurate blow to the head sends athlete on the floor under the admiring roar of the crowd, such is the harsh world of fighting.

Along with the gameplay and game modes up. Career has acquired the attributes of UFC. Besides fighting and physical shape now I have to worry about the hype around the match and PR activities of the Federation. That popularity can be maintained, the higher the chances of high fee and the trophy (or achievement). The atmosphere pumps personal opponent for a fighter in each round. No matter you are going to be a contender for the belt or a beginner, there will always be another, the same arrogant and will bully you. In the end, the Federation will put you in the ring, and there really clear what to do.

As the additive have the opportunity to learn new skills and earn bonuses, the main thing is to train hard and comply with set conditions. In any case, with all the add-ons the game was a little closer to reality and turned into a show, which always happens in part of any sport.

For those who like management and dig in the settings, the developers at EA Canada have prepared an updated Ultimate Team mode. In comparison with the previous parts he has changed so much, but overgrown with microtransactions, which protrude from all corners. The gamer, having invested extra hundred dollars in your team will get a tangible advantage over the opponent. Sold by all: techniques, cosmetic items, units, and bonuses. The game went the way of other projects of the publisher and this is its main and only drawback. All the innovations raise the competitive spirit and entertainment, and when faced with the need to invest additional money into the game four thousand rubles, the impression is spoiled.

To master all aspects of combat need a lot of time. Despite his experience at high levels, the difficulties I had (and continue to) blows every time forget about tactics. The game looks much more spectacular than its predecessor — there’s more blood and a black eye from a stray shot looks more natural.

To say something new about the sports simulator is always difficult. Most often it is a carefully considered formula, in which the developers carefully add the individual elements. In the case of UFC 3 this is the exception rather the rule, the rapid change mechanisms and paradigms for the first two parts. It will certainly appeal to those who honor the realism, and for those who love mixed martial arts.

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