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A Paradise for the ambitious: a Review of UFC 3 PS4

The game has the user
The first impression already wrote somewhere…the negativity was decent.

Now walked alone, and it’s getting better.

With the new combat system in the rack to slowly learn, like. With the author of the review in relation to the dynamics of the battle agree.

With the rejection of the parry and the positive effect this… General too.

Career in the 3rd part is really good. If the second UFC held its just for the sake of achievements, the Subject is interesting.

All of these events, the other mechanics of training camp like a real fighter (in terms of duration)…

But there is something that at least surprised. First, once directly to UFC, little surprise opponents. Play yourself your fighter stats under 75-80, which is good. And then you give out a battle with Francis Ngandu, which stand 96, survivability under 100, and to heap of IMBA in the form of killer hooks. And that I was his “invalid” can to do against such a monster?! In previous games it was possible to go on the Top, but not with such a monstrous gap in performance. Can to play, even on high difficulties.

Here, the battle with Gannu I restarted 20 times before he managed to fill up the carcass (which is normal). And on legendary difficulty already restarts will not, and health after the fight with such a rival diminish very much.

And to give up the fight impossible…there’s a contract and everything. Not signed? Career then just not talking.

Secondly, in the last part, cleaning your division and becoming champion, the game offered a transition to another.

In UFC 3 there is no such. There is a super fight with Cormier (I played a heavyweight)l. After you offer again for the 20th time to fill up Ngandu, Overeem, hunt, Werdum and so on. Although it would seem that I am the champion in two weight categories. Where Oezdemir, Manuwa, Jones, or the same Cormier wants to take revenge?

Third, while a bit clumsy behaves artificial intelligence. If the game takes you into battle with the fighter, then the fighter (on normal difficulty) the first round cheerfully gets kicked. He did does not…just stands and takes the blows, trying sometimes lazy put blocks. This is not the fact that you will be able to knock him out. The AI chump health of an elephant, and in the second the round begins.

That the referee does not stop the natural beating, I silent. AI such a feature simply does not know, but should. In The Fight Nights, it was, anyway.

I hope the patch will fix the AI and its behavior in the octagon.

On Ultimate Team all of two ways. On the one hand, AI got angrier and felt the difference between 1st division and 2nd.

Became more testing. All is not reduced to only 5 conditions of the type “put 20 kicks”, “win choke” and so on…like this it was at UFC 2. Has made another, separate branch of the test. And they change systematically.

Due to contracts now give much more coins, that is atrocity donation well diminished. You can loudbox gain coins just by playing. About “the Ultimate Team your fighter can to pump at 80 percent, then for $ $ $ ” is nonsense.

To swing freely, the only question is how long it takes time? Well, plus the Rand has not been canceled.

On the other hand, shoveled system development and pumping fighters. Imposed restrictions on the number of receptions (all depends on the fighter and his fight base), perks now temporary, not persistent…why?!

In the second part everything worked fine, and for players and for publisher.

Here took the mechanics of pumping with the mobile version of UFC, slightly retouched and put in UFC 3.

In General, a controversial decision, in my opinion. Understand the motivation and reasons for some innovations, but they are perceived ambiguously.

With the visual part too weird.

And the game did not look bad, the fps is now higher, lighting moments very happy. But there is no HDR support.

Somehow carelessly look like bruises, cuts, bruising. In the second part was better, but in the UFC game from publisher THQ MUCH better.

Sweating men are not as noticeable as before. It is not critical (one hell the gameplay is not affected), but the eye still catches.

And who painted model soldiers, who did the character editor? In the second part could be done puffy fat Bob type Roy Nelson, or whipped pitching like Romero.

Here, by opening the editor, one gets the feeling that he was responsible for design of a dystrophic, and painted the body of the fighters himself.

No chest muscles, shoulders…such namby-pamby in the octagon no the doctor will not be released.

Maybe the authors focused on Holloway, Diaz or Ferguson, when creating a basic model of a fighter…well, that’s wonderful. Turds are people too, and two of these, and all Champions in their divisions.

And there is the same McGregor, Romero, Overeem, Woodley, Ngandu, Aldo…these guys have physical shape are all good. They are sturdy, muscular.

And how to be with them?

If some, overall, the game is not good and not bad. It ambiguous.

There are pros, there are cons.

A number of drawbacks, in theory, can be corrected.

Let’s see what will developers in the future.

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